Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who came up with the BUDBRAKE™ idea?

A. The BUDBRAKE™ was invented  by Bud Nilsson in Lodi, CA. It is a Patented product.

Q. What prompted the BUDBRAKE™ invention?

A. Prompted by a serious bicycle injury which happened to a friend who went head-over-handlebar as the result of a front wheel lock-up, Bud Nilsson conceived by mechanical means a unique method of automatically balancing the front wheel brake pressure in relation to the back wheel brake pressure. The invention is referred to as an Automatic Braking System (ABS) Modulator for bicycles. In addition to helping prevent front wheel lock-up, it improves tire traction to road surface, and it also helps to prevent skidding.

Q. What is the "secret" of the BUDBRAKE™ invention?

A. No secret! Technically,it is a "propotional mechanism"  system that balances the rear and front wheel braking force thus helping to prevent the front brake from "locking up" causing an abrupt stop that could lead to forward rollover or serious accident.

Q. Where on the bike is the BUDBRAKE™ ABS Modulator installed?

A. The Modulator is inserted between the two brake cables at the front of the handle-bar, approximately at the crossing of the two cables.

Q. How big is the BUDBRAKE™ ABS Modulator?

A. The BUDBRAKE™ Modulator is inconspicuous, smaller than a cell phone, weighs 1.7 oz.("50"grams) and is oval in shape, 3 3/4" by 1 7/8".

Q. What is the BUDBRAKE™ ABS Modulator made of?

A. All the parts are made from injection molded extremely tough and weather resistant material. Tested for wear by Design Specialty in Sparks, NV, only negligible wear was noted after 650,000 brake action cycles at the rate of 1 cycle every 2 seconds.

Q. Has the BUDBRAKE™ been tested against "CPSC", Consumer Product Safety Commision, criteria for brakes?

A. Yes. The performance of the BUDBRAKE™ Modulator has been tested on most mechanical brakes including disc brakes. The test results show shorter stopping distance when bicycle brakes are equipped with BUDBRAKE™ ABS Modulator, less rear wheel skid than normal, and no front wheel skid/lock-up at all.

Q. Has the BUDBRAKE™ ABS Modulator been thoroughly field tested?

A. The BUDBRAKE™ has been tested by several hundred avid bikers and my five grand kids on a variety of bicycle types in mountains as well as flat terrain on mountain , road and comfort bikes. No incidences of "head-over-the-handlebar dives" or other accidents caused by front wheel lock-up have been reported.



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